ABC7's pedestrian safety coverage courts controversy


ABC7 News Investigative Team’s new “investigative report” on pedestrian safety stirred controversy this week as street safety advocates called out the video for its insensitivity towards pedestrian deaths and lax attitude towards unsafe drivers.

Streetsblog SF and others in San Francisco said the report engaged in “victim blaming.” Read more »

Twelve years after BART train kills mechanic, lighting and electrical safety not improved


When BART maintenance workers train under safety instructor Saul Almanza, the most important thing they learn is this: your objective when you go to work is to come home. Read more »

Bay Bridge's new S-bend gets fence. Finally.


Ever since the driver of a truck laden with Asian pears flew off the Bay Bridge's new S-curve and plummeted to his death last November, the California Highway Patrol has been policing the speed limit and Caltrans has added striping, signs, rumble strips and other features. Those efforts have helped reduce the curve’s initially high accident rate.Read more »